Engagement with faculty–both formal and informal–is an important part of the value proposition of graduate school. However, we know that other classes, work schedules, childcare constraints, etc., can make it difficult to hit a set window. You can set up a meeting with the instructional team on this booking page.

Most of the appointments we have set up are digital. We’ve defaulted to Zoom, but we are happy to talk by phone, Google Hangouts, or Skype if that is more convenient. We also have some in-person times to book – just look on the calendar for details. Each of us are offering up ~8 hours of slots throughout the week–and you can always ping us if you need to set up another time. Appointments are optional, but we strongly encourage you to schedule at least 1 or 2. Even if you don’t have any questions about class, we value the opportunity to get to know you. Please select a time that you’d like to chat, and message us if you encounter any difficulties.

Schedule an appointment with Liza